Best fuck QA ticket. "Images are not loading good." No page. No more info.

What am I suppose to do? Test the whole fucking site.

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    Yep, that actually is how unskilled human communication looks like. Time to use your interrogation skill...
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    That's why I want to add analytics to the INTERNAL COMPANY PRODUCTS with support.

    You wanna buy time? Fine, give me data.
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    These are the best.

    And yes, test the whole site. Spend an hour every day testing for this problem. Give an update on what you tested and the results of the test.

    If your QA team is smart they'll see what they did wrong and will update with WHAT broke. If they're not so smart this ticket will go down in history.
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    @sariel I would definitely do this kind of things if I were in a team.
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    add a comment "i am unable to understand this ticket, the grammar is incoherent. assuming that the qa wanted to express his dismay over the visuals by saying "the images are not LOOKING good" .this should be escalated to the graphics team. closing it as ' won't do - irrelevent'
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    @dotenvironment Too much effort. You must put the same effort they did when they created the ticket. Just put it in the status you have for tickets that need more info or just reply with “This issue needs more context” and be done with it.
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    Resolve it with a screenshot of the first page you encounter with images loading correctly and the comment "cannot reproduce"
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    @alturnativ This is also great.
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    Fun fact. No image got loaded xD
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    @ethernetzero anything not worth doing is worth not doing right.
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    Found out the broken images . Turns out the images where embedded remote links located in articles from a migration that I did for them in Drupal.

    The previous content creator did a shitty job and left the articles with a bunch of embedded remote images instead of just uploading them into the server.

    Now the links are broken and the images are gone.

    He/she left a shitty job with a lot of embedded images instead of just uploading them and now I'm getting shit on Sunday on how to get images back from a closed remote drive after explaining to them that it's not my responsibility to fix 3rd party broken links.

    After not getting the response they wanted they asked on the chat for another developer's opinion. So why the fuck did they bother me for in the first place.
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