Never call me unfair.

A few years(!!) ago, I ranted about how you had to update the visual studio updater before you could update visual studio (which I still think is a valid rant)

Today I noticed that the visual studio installer just does this itself silently now. Therefore, I choose to apply praise to this welcome change and in the name of justice and fairness, recognize this vast improvement.

*ahem*.... GG VS2022

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    Some company invented the "MSI" format to make custom installers obsolete. Wonder whether the maker of Visual Studio knows about that...
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    Haha, I was uninstalling visual studio a few days ago and it silently updated the installer as well, for uninstalling??
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    @Jifuna Maybe it fixed a bug in the uninstall routine.

    But me too don't get the trend to full-product-sized installers. I totally get how you can always improve the actual product - but the installer really should be feature-complete at some point...
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