The install will take about one more minute…

*go make a cup of tea, pack for holiday, go on holiday, return from holiday*

Ah still installing for one more minute my old friend…

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    Time to clean the kitchen.
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    @IntrusionCM It is only a minute - not a century!
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    I like if ez
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    The worst is, install, run, 48 hours later you find out that the freeware version only works for 24 hours, but it took longer for the task to be performed..

    No problem, there is a 7 day trial you can sign up for, so you can complete your work !

    Of course, you will forget this in 2 years time when you run the software again and find out you can't get another trial, perhaps because the company has since gone out of business..

    But not to worry, some companies are so helpful, that their shareware version times out in a years time anyhow, before you even install it !

    No problem, you just download it again..

    Or you could have, if you hadn't moved to a country now on the sanctioned list..

    No problem, you can just pretend to be in another country right, I mean, they only need your name, address, phone number, passport ID to download their freeware..

    Suddenly a 5 minute task takes days..
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