I got invited to a quinceanera by someone that happened to be on the same night as homecoming. They did all the traditional stuff. They had some sparkling cider that may or may not have been spiked and I had a lot of it. I learned after that it might have been spiked. It was right before homecoming started when the traditional stuff was over and it would've just been kinda boring dancing for the next FOUR HOURS. My date and I decided we didn't want to stay for that long so we went to homecoming instead. It has better dancing and a mosh pit which is way more fun than just slow dancing. We met up with a group of friends there and had a ton of fun. Homecoming only went till 10 where the quince would've gone till midnight. Our group went out for ice cream and I got home at 11. It's almost midnight now. High school is awesome, ain't it?

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