- how do you resolve team conflicts?
- i despise

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    Well my Solution:

    Smile and do nothing -> Wait until you are home -> Go into your bed -> Question all your life choices and cry until you fall asleep

    Works with every type of conflicts
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    git merge -s ours
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    @jackpearce I mean, I personally would prefer it if people tell me they didn't like something I said or did.
    To know that I've made you cry, will crush my self-confidence and make me feel guilty and depressed for a long long time. Please don't do that. Please just say when you're having an issue and aim for resolving it. (said while I myself do try to just get over other people's wrong doings, and try to not appear upset. But hey, do as I say and not as I do.)
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    I am not good with conflicts so the first part was true, but the last Part isn't that common anymore

    So it will never happen that i start a fight ^^' and it takes me very long to trust a person enough to criticize him especially higher ups

    All i can say is I am working on it but first let me finish my bachelor thesis

    criticizing my prof won't be a good decision while he grades my thesis and I work for him ^^'
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