It's not GDPR compliance unless it comes from the GDPR region of Brussels.

Otherwise it's just a sparkling high latency CRUD API over Email enforced by law.

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    It's not a joke if it's not from a "joke/meme" category. Otherwise it's an annoying unfunny shit.
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    That is literally what it is though. I send an email, you delete everything that includes my data. That's all. If you were smart, your database is structured in such a way that this doesn't remove anything other than my data, but that's not essential to GDPR compliance.

    Also, you must exclusively share my data with GDPR compliant third parties, provide me with a complete list of these third parties, and you must forward my removal request to them, but this is the easy part.
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    Technically you could even provide a phone number for data removal requests. You need to be really malicious for people to actually call you to have their data removed.
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