I got an alert for a job and decided to apply for it.

First, it forced me to make a new account on their HR site. Strike one.

Second, it forced me to upload my resume to then make me re-construct my work history from scratch because these stupid resume import systems never get anything right. Strike two.

Third, it requires me to provide a PHONE NUMBER for EVERY employer I've ever had!? Over a 26-year career? When half those companies either no longer exist or the people I knew phone numbers for, and their phone numbers, are LONG GONE? Get outta here!

Three strikes, you're out!

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    that last 1 is def fukin weird and a red flag

    but idk that anyone's resume parser has got my resume right. granted it's a "non standard" format and everyone wants a word file with a very boring black and white layout.
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    I'd bet the correlation of companies that do this as well as banning Dilbert cartoons is very close.
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    I've run in to the last one. I'd say it's more common with companies that require some sort of security clearance or government agency, but I've seen it with some that don't.
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    The sad part is that sometimes Recruitment is so far removed from the core business that a red flag in recruitment really is no indication of how it is to work there. But of course it has a huge detrimental effect as it's the first impression.

    If you can find a contract form leading to the actual business I'd let them know what a shit job Recruitment is doing. Sometimes they have no idea.
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