Hey ranters, I made an RSS feed reader for devRant feeds. Open up your favorite RSS reader app on your device and add http://devrant-rss.herokuapp.com/ for devRant feeds to be shown up. The project is open sourced at https://github.com/varundey/.... Any suggestions welcome :)

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    First thought: Add a license!

    Also my rss game is not strong, but if you could implement a hyperlink to increment a rant, that'd be great
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    @nicholai shit yeah can't believe I forgot to add a license. Thanks for that. Also, I don't think upvoting a rant through RSS is possible since RSS is an aggregator and is publicly available. Upvoting a rant would require authentication which is also not supported in the devRant API that I am using :)
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    Nice idea, will take a look onto 😎
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