Q: Your biggest dev career dream?

A: To finish my thesis, get a job, where I can peacefully code. And to earn enough money (does not mean rich) to just live a comfortable live without worrying about money too much.

Am I asking for too much?
Whats with you? What is your biggest career dream?

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    I'd say Finland.

    Also: 'nen Gude.
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    @scor do you mean you want to move to Finland?
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    Your goals description do sound of Finland.

    I don't even know whether I could go back to live in Germany again.

    Give it a go.
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    Well many friends of mine, occasionally say they want to emigrate.

    But I don't know if I want to.

    I would need to learn a totally different Language (I am not good at it), learn a new culture and laws.

    And the worst part is, to make new friends there. Until 10th Grade I didn't have any friends, now I have a lot GOOD friends but the thought to be alone again is terrible ^^'

    Now I am stressed out ^^' sry
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    Sorry. I really didn't mean to stress you out.
    Worry not.
    Your friends sound nice.
    Maybe explore other countries with them.

    And just because I found a nice place for me somewhere else, after not finding one in Germany, that doesn't mean anything.

    Best outcome would be: you achieving these goals where you fancy, and quite likely in DE!
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    @scor Hey all ok I am often stressed out lately ^^' not your fault!!!

    Well a few countries are on my bucket list ^^'

    I am happy for you that you found your place and I understand very well why it isn't in Germany.

    Yeah I will try my best ^^
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