Love devrant works great even in low bandwidth

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    You mean it crashes great even in low bandwidth?
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    jsrant.com is great for work ;)

    Using it all the time to distract myself from my bachelor thesis ^^'
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    😒 Mobile app stopped working with LTE network in my country a year ago. Battletested in travels so it's not only my city's problem. Seems to me that devRant added some CDN protection layer that keeps me out. Web version also loads 30 seconds at least each page on LTE. So, I can only rant and comment while I'm on Wi-Fi or via laptop... 😒
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    Now i feel like i shouldn't have put the rant in first place ^⁠_⁠^
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    @vintprox are you sure it's on devrant and not cencorship by your government? Not sure why it would only affect LTE though, do you use the same ISP for both services? Maybe it sounds more likely that it's on devrant's side.
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    @electrineer I didn't yet try other ISP for mobile with devRant app, so I can't really tell. Yes, ISP is the same as in home Wi-Fi (it's not even about wi-fi per se). Probably some shit with blocked trackers in Russia (blocked not for the right reasons). devRant just relies on them SO much that it can't load anything without stalling. App immediately fails to process the rejected request and browsers just get stunned with long blocking request, first resulting to not draw anything and second rendering the page after 30 sec, as I see it.
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