So my friend started a YouTube channel, being the motivational man I am I encouraged him and made him a logo for his channel.

It started here, he called me a bazillion times every single day asking me to make stuff like Channel banners, intros.

He even went so far to call my design bad and that I could do better.

I'm definitely losing my hold on my generosity, it's like this with every single fucktard I help. It's like programmers don't get to have a life, people pitch me stupid ideas at every party.. Having a casual conversation a guy starts talking about an idea.

Oooh... And the worst part they say you can have 60% and just give them 40% 'MINORITY' share for coming up with an idea I could pull up from my arse instantaneously

Next time he asks me something I'm gonna fuck him up or just charge him a bazillion dollars... FUCK FUCK FUCK... REALLY GOT TO BUY THAT STUPID STRESS CUBE

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    Just say that trail period has ended and if he wants further assistance, he needs to pay for your time
    Chill man!
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    Fidget cube/ fidget spinner, this is still relevant
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    What I usually do in this position is just fuck up something really bad at the last moment. Do this one or two time and they will leave you.
    They should know the limit. If they are willing to pay its fine then.
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    @sam9669 what's up with the spinner thing.recently seeing it a at lot of places.am I missing anything?
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    @anekix it is made popular on social media showing its fun side and such, but ultimately it's just a toy. What will you do grab it from the centre and whirl it, nothing special in that
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    yes, yes, I feel the anger flowing through you. This is good, young sith.
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    The logo was just a token of appreciation. Everything else has charge.
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    @sam9669 heck, I'm gonna order fidget spinner from amazon right now. Been seeing it everywhere and i cant help but want it.
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    @sam9669 would be funny if not for the asshole dig at autism.
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    @xorith yes the person who posted this on Reddit is a clear asshole, I couldn't agree more
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    @anekix pop culture has claimed it now.
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    Alright guys gonna invest in the fidget cube since it has a variety of things to fidget with..
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    Try this. Tell them the idea is interesting and ask them if they have a business plan. (They don't) If however they do, casually say that you expect to complete the project in x hours and you charge a y amount of money per hour (be expensive). If they play the friendship card simply say that an important project like that would require your full attention and you would need to put your day job on hold. They pull back and you are the great guy who offered to help and showered them with your wisdom!
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    @cyberlord64 now I could go through 90% of the said plan, except that I'm a student.. I'll do some improv anyways, dismissing people should turn into an Art! Lol
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    The error is programmers don't do logos. Say it was just to get the channel started and suggest to hire a designer or to pay you for them.
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