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So. I finally called the number two weeks ago. (Been sick in between. 0/5 would not recommend.) A person with a heavy Indian accent answered. As far as I could tell about what he said, that number couldn't really be used to reserve the certification testing time. Bloody great. So he proceeds to eat half the letters of words and emails to 'someone' about reserving the testing time hand writing all the accommodations I've been granted. Haven't heard back since, don't even know if the email was ever sent.

Screw Pearson VUE and their so called accommodations. >:C

So, next Monday, I booked myself a 3h torture session before I forget every bit of Azure trivia I've memorized the past two months as I start a new client project soon. >.> And after that I'm gonna be spending the rest of the week in fetal position under covers in bed.

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