I interviewed to this small company. It was a position requiring a lot of experience they said. They did Microsoft SQL server and their technical interview questions were so easy it took me a lot of time to answer them because I was looking for traps, like for real. Think I might've answered too complex for them as well.

In the non-technical interview they joked about how they'd need to reserve two saunas in team events (Finnish thing) as they were all male and I would've been the first female.

Then they asked questions about my *children*. "Who takes care of them when they're sick?" Ummm, yeah, illegal much.

In the end they didn't hire me but they took two interns from the vocational school (or applied sciences). Yeah, so hard a job a Master of Science in Software Engineering with (at that point) three years of full-stack experience couldn't handle but some not even graduate interns could do?

Oh, and fun thing was. A couple months later a recruiter called me about the same company. I told *her* the story and she said she's gonna drop that company from her list and said no wonder they complain about not getting people for them. xD

I also send a tip to my unions discrimination department. They used my case as an example in presentations so suppose this experience served a purpose. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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    Couldn't you have sued them assholes?
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    @Noook They were at least at the time located at Riihimäki.

    @horus yeah, I could've but they made sure to call and put nothing in writing. It would've been mostly word against word and not worth the hassle and cost. I got my silent revenge, I'm satisfied.
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    Asking those questions is unethical? And illegal? For what reasons?

    I feel like around here an interviewer may ask about your children to offer a company daycare service when you're working OT or something.
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