I will never understand the need people have to lie about their knowledge or make shit up. Seriously am I the only one to despise that ?!

If you don’t know about something stop trying to make shit up on the go, it’s useless and it will give the wrong idea to people listening to you thinking you know what you’re talking about.

Last example in date:
Me: Here’s this cool repo I found, it’s a discord client implemented in cpp, so it runs natively
Techbro: oh cool, hey @everyone you should download this, it runs natively so there will be no leaks like the normal client


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    You will never understand it, because you don't have to do it. But imagine being stupid, you'd have to fake knowledge to out-compete others looking for the same job and then to remain employed. I mean, managers sure can't tell the difference, and its their word that matters!
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    @Hazarth I guess ? Its just so frustrating not to be able to understand stuff like that. I really want it to have a reason and a proper logic so that I can classify it in my brain or something but I can’t
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    You don't understand it because you assume they are lying. But often, they actually believe what they say. Neural networks are fuzzy and faulty.
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    @Oktokolo I don’t know if this is supposed to reassure me or make me more worried tbh
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    What does "leaks" mean in this context?
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    Memory leaks
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    @Earu He is probably referring to the electron shit show? I dunno. Maybe he has more confidence in C++ devs. I do if they run heob or valgrind on their stuff.
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    I don’t know about that c/cpp development is hard, and making something big like that, that doesn’t leak is always a challenge. I mean the usage of these two languages are responsible for probably most problems of that sort
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    It will likely be less of a memoryhog than electron but leaks, unlikely. Of course this is a small distinction for a Muggle.

    Fake it till you make it is a real tactic. I also despise it usually. A good bluff can be fun and misunderstandings happen
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