I keep finding outright and definite mistakes... for example: two solutions that are 100% identical - I copied and diff'd them to be sure I wasn't stoned... the code they show has ZERO comments, so you have ZERO context for anything (and it's written like shit on top of it - I'd fire a motherfucker if they turned in ridiculous crap like this regularly)... I've found answers where one is a subset of another so the "superset" answer should be considered correct as well, so you effectively have two right answers (in other words: this is one of those "you better pick the EXACT answer we WANT you to pick, even if another is TECHNICALLY correct too, doesn't matter, you gotta divine which WE say is right" situations)... there's not enough information given in some cases to even realistically attack the problem... and so on.

It's just fucking garbage, but now I HAVE to get a passing score on the fucking thing to meet a work requirement and you think anyone is going to give two shits if I point out the problems? Of COURSE not! Just need to check the box, so now I have to waste hours of my day fighting through this horseshit just to say I did it.

Is there any value in it? FUCK NO! It's actually NEGATIVE value since now I'm not doing what I'm actually paid to do.

And the worst part is I absolutely, 100% know all this shit! It's not like it's a problem because I fundamentally don't know the concepts. But because your platform is a joke it's making it a nightmare for me.

FUCK THIS SHIT! Friday is over early because of this, I'll bash my head against the wall again on Monday.

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    Totally detracting from your rant, sorry.

    I had one of my first interviews as a Jr dev with them. The two senior engineers I spoke to just kept hinting there was no bandwidth on the team for juniors.

    2 weeks no reply I email the recruiter for an update he sends back a generic decline email.

    That’s fine that’s the business, but they make a point in their social media how they always provide feed back and at the end of my interview I was promised I’d get feed back.

    Maybe he was just busy but it kind of off put me about them as a company. Reading your post makes me wonder even more.

    Got a gig as SWE at a much better company, so thanks I guess.
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    @valejx Glad to here it worked out in the end for you!
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