Anyone living in the Netherlands? I planning to move to Amsterdam in a year from now. I obviously would like to find a job here first. Is there a job platform besides LinkedIn that people use often and have success with?

I’m a senior engineer mostly working with Typescript, Python, AWS, IBM and Google clouds, DevOps, infrastructure.

EU citizen.

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    Dutchie here, though I live the more rural part of NL.

    I know that Indeed and Monsterboard are quite big here. Are you looking to get into big companies? Or into a small one? The small ones you can usually directly apply to via their website.
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    @Lucky-Loek slightly amazed Monsterboard still exists
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    Indeed and Monsterboard are very common here... Though I must add that *personally*, I haven't had any luck with *any* job hunting website due to being in an awkward position.

    Most of my work comes from personal connections.
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