Yesterday I bought a thumb drive for installing Windows 10. I've also tried booting the Windows 10 installation media from a partition with grub, and adding the storage drivers to the install.wim image, but the drivers don't install correctly and I don't get it to work. I'm on Arch Linux and a laptop.
I spent 4+ hours on that. uefi-ntfs.img, Windows 10, also tried Windows 7, gparted, cp, bla, bla, bla.
On attempt n12903813280, I open again gparted.
/dev/sdb: unrecognized disk label
Turns out somehow I damaged the thumb drive after so many writing. In just a few hours.
Dude I'm literally stuck on Linux. Get me out of here. I want to be normal and play Valorant.

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    Don't know what type of image it is but a simple dd should do the trick. I do know that some usb sticks don't allow writing to certain sectors. That can make it really hard to make bootable media out of it.
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    @swagnette I love it when anyone who isn't a Linux sysadmin installs Arch.

    So many complaints about how hard it is.

    What did you fucking think it was going to be like?! Arch is like playing dark souls on the hardest difficulty. You have to practically have a Linux certificate to use Arch correctly.

    And the fact that most users don't even know what dd is, is the cherry on top of their Windows addiction.

    I'm not promoting Arch, it fucking sucks. I am promoting the gathering of knowledge before you fuck yourself. Run it in a VM, install it on a different hard drive, use your mom's laptop, anything other than installing on your main system.
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    @hjk101 this works with every other iso, but Windows isos don't like that
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    @sariel i use arch btw and will probably never switch to anything else.
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    @jonas-w and that's ok. I'm just tired of hearing people recommend Arch to low or non technical users.

    Giving Arch to those users is like giving your 95 year old grams a chainsaw for her birthday so she can finally trim up her bonsai tree. It's overkill, it's dangerous, and it's damaging to the Linux brand because you then have users going online posting shit like, "Dude I'm literally stuck on Linux. Get me out of here. I want to be normal and play Valorant."

    Then Windows users point at it and go, "see! Linux is broken and hard. Windows is the best!"
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