So I think my dumbest project so far was when I created a pseudo-random number generator which instead of using some proper source of randomness used freaking Minecraft Villagers.

I wrote a blog post on it, so feel free to take a look there to see how I did it and perhaps learn something about randomness.

Blog post: https://adampisula.pizza/posts/...

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    yeah, that's dumb.

    "let's write a random number generator which generates randomness by detecting movements of an object based on a random number generator"

    it's like
    CustomClass thing = otherThing.serialize().deserialize();

    that kind of dumb indirection.

    i bet it was fun to write, though, and i hope that was the only point of doing it.
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    mine was to create an online blog about some medicines. if i remember correctly it was viagraonline365.com Im not sure if that still exists
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    @Midnight-shcode Precisely! I was aware there's absolutely no use for that, but yeah, I've learned a bit coding that and had a lot of fun with it, but true - it's only slightly more useful than the programs calculating your age based on your age.
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    Fun writeup man! Good job!
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