Hey. This code look broken. What should I do?

It isn't broken. It's doing what it's supposed to.

Well, it's hard to follow, but it certainly doesn't look right. And it isn't doing what I expect. Also, why is it calling method(a_class1_or_class2) with a class3?

It isn't hard to follow, and it works just fine. Let me show you. ... huh. looks like it isn't right. and there's a comment here saying the calls aren't clear. but it works just fine. Just copy it over and do it the same way.

I already did that. and it isn't working.

What are you talking about? Of course it works fine. Did you check your code?


Really, dude? It doesn't work fine. but, guess what? It works fine* when I change it to call that method with a class2 like it asks for. (Surprise!) But I can't tell him that. Nope. Bossmang get offended. Still won't admit I was right about anything, either.

Ahh... the continual joy of working with (and for) trash.

* well, more fine; the rest of the feature is still wrong. but nope, i'm not allowed to fix it. because why would they want anything to work properly? Already-accepted wrong behavior is good enough. Can't clean up the code, either, because that "muddies the waters." Bitch, I couldn't see the bottom of this sewer if it was half an inch deep! Which is more important: the last contributor entry beside the code, or that code being readable and maintainable? or it, you know, working?

doot doot.
need to scoot.

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    oh, the designer is leaving too. he can't put up with it anymore either.
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    @Root it amazes me that these places don't self destruct....

    Are you sure you:re not missing out any kind of food / drink or sth like that that your coworkers ingest regularly?

    I'm thinking about drug induced behaviour... I mean... You cannot clearly take this shit without being drugged.
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    @IntrusionCM I certainly don’t drink the koolaid they all very obviously had.

    But they don’t make much sense in other areas of their lives, either, so it must be something deeper. Like insanity.
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    @Root interesting thought for your last days at work...

    Start dipping pH tests in every water source at work.

    Then lead tests swabs.

    Then get a Geiger counter and start running around mumbling.

    Maybe show up at your last day of work in a full biohazard suite wishing everyone luck given their full contamination status.
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    @Root I sincerely hope that "blue shit" washes off.
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    @IntrusionCM love it!!! 😁😁😁
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    @netikras would be kinda plot twist if it was lead and mercury poisoning. Same time explain a lot....
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    Code time traveled
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