In the middle of my workout and all I can focus on is this treadmill display's terrible UI... Looks like a zoom button but actually increases the speed.

You know you're a front-end dev when...

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    True. It looks like a magnifying glass.

    But also I can see you're white and have two hands.
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    You simply don't get it, clearly it's a flash reference.


    I let my self out
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    Free icon file
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    Zoom zoom!
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    Dont reinvent the wheel, just copy and paste it!
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    @ecv80 there also appears to be a phone with an aluminium back

    Also, *cough* "that's racist" - in a triggered tumblr voice
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    @ecv80 ...and you are a male.

    (Please don't be mad @vickylaiio)
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    @ecv80 @Codebeard Y'all be trippin'.
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    Hangable offense that.. Imagine if that STOP button was green too!
    Haww.. Blasphemy!
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    @Tored do you work for mazda?
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    @Tored no, but really do you?
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    Balancing workout and code day&night is tough, great work
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    Lol imagine learning what it does the hard way!

    Hmmm how many calories have i burnt??
    i cant see whats written

    Ahhh a zoom button!
    Press... nothing,
    grrrr *mashes it repeatedly *

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