This should be the cable management standard it would take so long but keep it tidy.

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    This seems awesome until you realise in the real world cables go from all sorts of places to all sorts of other places, taking advantage of every hole present along the way...

    People also tend to switch cables around...
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    @umnikos yeah but shhhh. We will make them change so that they have to do it so this is possible. Also the wires could come from any where as long as they met up with this main chain.
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    Imagine the wire system of a home as a web.

    Then imagine people constantly removing and adding wires. (Chargers getting moved, the family going on a trip and packing stuff and so on)

    Then it's your job to figure out at which points the wires never change. Good luck.
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    I used a similar approach for my music studio. 15 Synth with a bunch of other HW effects. Each device need at least 4 cables, most of the time 5. So a good cable management system is key. Your system works until you have to remove a cable. Then you have to do it all over again. In the end I ripped everything apart again and they are now free floating again in a tidy way on some kind of cable tray
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    Stupid. Use Velcro. Every time. Always. Everywhere. Metal beam rammed through your chest rapidly bleeding to death? Velcro.
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    Mmm that cable management porn tho
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