Working for a company where the coworkers working 24/7 and the boss (ceo) expect me to do the same, even working on weekends.

But when i mentioned I have life distinctly personal and working life. But no, boss wouldn’t care much about my life anyway.

I got call names for being a not team player, not committed much , a thief (“ I paid you money but you didn’t work 24/7”) and they even claimed I don’t have heart to work.

It affect my personal so much that I can’t be happy even on the weekends. I got perturbed sleeps. Keep thinking of working .

Obviously they played well on guilt tripping me.

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    Holy shit you have worked in some cancerous places.
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    What a shithole, those cunts think that employing you means owning you. I'm living in a place notorious for overworking people, but I do all I can to not allow myself to be treated like shit. It is hard if everyone just takes it up the ass since from the company's perspective there's always someone ready to take it in your place.
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    @ars1 and employees are always replaceable. The place i work are fine According to some people . There are people who willingly work 24/7 without complaining surprisingly.

    Sometimes I don’t even know wether it is my perception are wrong or people sometimes are mindless or lifeless automatons.
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    Why don't you quit and find a better job to doesn't give you that bullshit
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    Well. Depends.

    What some people keep up with and claim being content with is imho unbelievable.

    On the other hand I worked in welfare with people who were able to thrive on fast food.

    The introduction of tasty, fresh home made food was like ... Explaining an cave man that fire = good.

    Some people just don't know better or think they're not worth it either way...

    ... until they realize how wrong they are.

    To the story above... When a kid holds up a celeriac when being asked to pick up some potatoes... You have the same feeling of: How the fuckity fuck is it possible someone can live like that... Like in people working 24/7, being exploited and telling you that they're happy to work and content with being a part of the company.
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    @RudeJake I did , it is difficult to find a job here in my country.
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    Them: you're not being a team player.
    You: Oh, I'm a team player, I just play for the home team.
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