I don’t have a real way to find a good company.
As a rule of thumb I avoid startups.

This doesn’t mean all new young tech companies are bad. I avoid the startup rethorics. Those are 🚩 for both new and old companies.

And I avoid crypto, nft and other scam businesses. There’s an high chance that the owners will run away with the money and leave you without a job.

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    I'm the opposite. I love working at startups.

    I get in there, and take control of a domain and make it mine! Medium and large businesses have too much red tape to be autonomous. Nothing worse than waiting 5 weeks for finance and legal to approve using a saas tool that costs $5/mth but will save you hours every week.
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    @lungdart I understand your point of view.

    Maybe I am influenced by my previous experiences in Italy where the whole Startup “movement” is still particularly in the “snake oil phase” (at least I feel like that)

    But as I said the problem is mostly in the rethorics. If there’s a solid business behind and people is serious, startups are welcome.
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    @rov3rand0m there's definitely lots of snake oil out there. I don't care too much about that myself tbh
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    @rov3rand0m lol I used to think similarly about startups when working for Italian startup
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    @rov3rand0m well well, an italian startup is wanting to hire me 😨
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    @brnrdo mine is a rule of thumb 😄

    Give it a try, not all are bad. And anyway, it is always experience that could help you in future!
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