@zlice I am going to ...subtweet you? (Screenshot included)

Basically, so much what you said. 100%.

You stumble your way around different companies until you find something that sits right with you.

There are so many contributing factors to the "good company" and as many definitions as everyone will value different aspects of work. Good management? Tech stack to your liking? Kick ass colleagues? Interesting product? Good work life balance? Company contributing to world's welfare?

I can go on. Each of you will decide what is good, good enough, or decent and what sacrifices and tradeoffs are acceptable.

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    The only issue with that is that some companies may see you as not stable enough and won't want to hire you 🥲

    They'll think that you're leaving them in 6 months.
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    @brnrdo that is more of a problem with how your interviews go, the feel you get from them and research beforehand about the company etc. You should be relatively well equipped to not start hating it there in the first week if you evaluate beforehand.
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