Had a miserable evening yesterday. Me and my gf planned going out around 9pm to this movie with 2 other couples. Movie was kinda okay and we finished around midnight and went over to our apartment for drinks. We had lots of snacks and drinks ready, other couples brought some drinks.

Evening was kinda weird, guests were mainly just ranting about their work and household life and 2 hours in they started asking each other wether they should go home. In the end they left around 3am. I felt kinda defeated: some effort went into planning everything, and in the end I didnt feel much of a connection to them.

Maybe everyone was tired after a workday + late movie + drinks after the movie. But idk I expected more from people in late 20s. When planning we had two options: meeting on saturday or friday and they chose friday.

Anyways I guess either we are getting older or we just need to meet less often and more early in order not to run out of energy and stuff to talk about.

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    Did you have (video)games? A pub quiz? Anything to actually do?
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    And that's why you go to bars.

    (Yes, yes, I know, it's harder and much more expensive outside Spain) 😅

    I'm kinda going through this right now. I'm not married nor have kids but most of my friends are getting married and having children.

    I agree, however, that I wouldn't expect that from late twenties rn.
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    So what *do* you expect from ppl in their Lage twenties? Serious question.
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    You ain’t got it that bad, some time ago my dinner got interrupted by organized crime shootings so…just get better friends lol
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    Well, not everyone has to agree, but IMHO, there'll be more than enough time for kids and family life.

    At least for me, in my late twenties it was this sweet spot between having disposable income and the endurance to go and do crazy shit, party hard, travel, etc.
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    @CoreFusionX You still have the endurance, but as another late 20s guy, I'll stay at home tonight (Saturday evening), because I really don't. But then I think that's orthogonal to this issue, as they did stay until 3am..
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    @saucyatom Well I'm closer to 40 than 30 already 😂
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    Late 20s and out after midnight? Most folks are tired! I’m thinking they were ready to go if they worked regular jobs. Sure some folks maintain the energy through their 20s, but some folks use energy differently focusing on careers, etc. that stuff usually requires a good amount of sleep and fairly early mornings for it to go right. Try something earlier for more engaging convo
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