Paypal Rant #3

One day I'll go to Paypal HQ and...
... change all the toilet rolls to face the wrong way
... remap all the semicolons to be the Greek equivalent character
... change all the door signs so they say "pull" instead of "push" and vice versa
... modify all the stairs to have variable heights
... programmatically shuffle the elevator buttons and randomly assign the alarm key to any of the most visited floors
... pour cocoa onto all the keyboards and wipe them off cleanly
... attach clear duct tape over their mouse sensors and insert really weak batteries or mess with their cables

I'll wait a day or two until they experience a sudden shortage of developers, then bombard them with thousands of fake applications from seemingly amazing candidates, then write an AI bot to continue argumentation with HR.

I'll wait another week or so until the company dissolves and with them, all my issues in life.

No need to be overly vulgar this time because you all know the deal. I hate this fucking company. Please Paypal do us all a favor and go fuck yourself.

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    Just curious what does pouring cocoa on keyboard and wiping them do?
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    @amateur64 makes the keys sticky inside 😉
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    @thecritic you have a plan. I will be your partner in crime.
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    @thecritic oooh that's genius
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    This is intense. This would make a great scene in a movie at some point, tbh.
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    Yep PayPal is shit and we all know it. The worst is the customer support, doing shit and telling you to fuck off, even when you're right. One Bypass logged in into my PayPal account and booked random 200$ off. He never logged in (nothing was showing in the logs), just bypassed from the PayPal Servers. The customer support told me that it was my fault. Yep sure he guessed a 40 digit random Passwort.

    After that I send them screenshots of their exposed salt hash keys in Website payments and how I booked off money into a account of a other user without login in. After 3 days they fixed that stupid breach. But never heard again from this dickheads... Not even a thank you or at least a refund... 😡

    Even my Credit Card company has more skill than them and refunded me a scam immediatly without complains...
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    @MoboTheHobo Sad story and also sad that nothing surprises me anymore if Paypal is involved...
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    I've yet to get problems from this company, and I've used it for years, and the refunds were always given
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    @thepra Just to clarify (this might not be too obvious from this rant, see my first paypal rant for details): Since this is a dev community, my rants are mostly referring to working with their API/Sandbox and the stability and maintenance issues they're having on a regular basis. I haven't had any problems as a consumer of their service (non-dev related) either. We have a quite contrived use-case using their APIs, but still, the first thing I check when something's not working as expected is service downtime (especially in the sandbox environment) on their behalf and in most cases (which is often enough) it turns out to be exactly that...
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