Laravel, Symfony...

It doesn't seem to matter what framework I pick to learn next. I rarely get past the Installation step where I have to install and learn a bunch of command line tools first.

It makes me realize I no longer want to be a web developer as even the biggest step I can reasonably make in my career will still not result in an income change significant enough to pay for a mortgage, and the smallest step still expects me to understand all of these command line tools for seemingly no payoff whatsoever.

I feel stuck and depressed looking at all the toxic positivity on LinkedIn. I cannot fathom the amount of indoctrination that must be going on between all these people chirping about how great it is to work for their company.

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    And yet you picked 2 'easy' ones.

    Trying zend framework back in the day was a complete nightmare. (Speaking about the zend framework 1)

    Like npm, you can use composer to do most of the work for you. Then it is just like any framework i guess.
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    If your motivation is the money, you are in for mountains of suffering and pain in the web industry. If you want to keep your sanity, switch industry.

    Also, in today's economy, most people will never be able to afford own property or having their spouse at home taking care of the children.
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    Laravel set up is easy. There are very few command lines to use, and you only have to do that locally (then just submit the final files to the server)
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    > I no longer want to be a web developer

    Do you want to be C++ developer?
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    @hinst You know what's funny? People ask me if I want to be X, want to be Y. But want just isn't part of this deal anymore. I've grown too hateful of people and society in general to "want" any of this.

    What I want is to eat, to drink and to sleep. I have no wants more complex then that. All work I do I do strictly to survive in a somewhat moral manner.
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    How do you live without passion or without striving to incorporate some of that passion into your daily work?

    I love other devs' looks when they realize I'm 3x faster than them slowly moving their cursor around their GUI's.

    Btw the packages of the PHP League are really cool, should you want a breath of fresh air
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