Just 5 days? What. Some technical problems take years to solve and you auto-close threads after just 5 days? Why you do this MongoDB 🗑️

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    I think that bug tracking is handled in some other system where they do not close that fast. The forum is probably intended for much more short term discussions and they assume that any discussion that has no replies after 5 days are over.

    Do they have a public bug tracker?
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    @Voxera they might have but is this a bug?
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    Five “mongo” days, times the number of shards each cluster has, it’s about a year.
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    Never got why autoclosing is even a thing. It doesn't make sense in forums and does a lot of harm in bug trackers.

    The easiest way to tell your users that you absolutely don't want them to ever even try to participate at all, is to autoclose topics or bugs.
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    @Oktokolo old threads attract spam. If your moderation is based on people hitting the report button, you're screwed.
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    @electrineer It absolutely doesn't matter at all whether spam is posted in new or old threads - if new posts "bump" threads to the top (which is the case for every forum i ever used). Because of that, the visibility of new spam posts is the same for old and new threads.
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