Sometimes I feel most of my mornings are just dealing with my newest co-worker and helping them do the same things every morning

They are not freaking retaining information and it's like any major issue they run into gets pushed on me. Before they started I liked my job, my coworkers, and the meetings weren't as exhausting. But now I still like my job. But my enjoyment is declining the more I have to explain something multiple times or a simple common sense issue gets forwarded to me

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    If they are not taking notes, start writing documentation so you could point a finger at a reference. Or tell them to start taking notes. I started filming short videos explaining stuff and now I have a proper roadmap for any newcomer.
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    @topsecret230 ha, sweet! Are these shorts showing How to Research 101, code something, or organizational stuff, I wonder?
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    @vintprox a bit of everything. First you need an overview, then categories and then u fill in the info with documentation, diagrams and etc.
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