Omfg bitcoin is already $ 2.300 and I'm here watching it grow without any money to jump onboard

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    Back in 2008 or 2009 or so, maybe earlier, when it was still possible to mine with just a processor, I set an old laptop away and left it for several months. I came back to a very substantial collection of bitcoin, and sold a few for about a tenner. I kept the rest, and was very pleasantly surprised when I heard about the spike of 2012 or so. Unfortunately, in the move to my own place, that old laptop had been dropped, possibly thrown, potentially drowned, and quite definitively dead.

    Not to be outdone, I removed the drive and stuck it in my PC, wherein I discovered that the drive was extremely unhappy and I was quite unable to access my wallet. Had I been more experienced, I would have been able to repair and subsequently access that drive, and I would have been able to entirely fund my business and probably become one of the first bitcoin millionaires.

    I still cry at night, as I struggle to start a business on less than paltry savings.
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    @monr0e and investing in a forensic data recovery?
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    @heyheni I wouldn't have had the money for that, but I would likely have bought the same drive and swapped the read head in. The top head was trapped in the groove between the platter and the spindle, and looked a bit bent and ground away.
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    @monr0e but you still have that drive? let's say the bitcoin value raises in the future above 10k usd... you could start save up for a forensic data recovery now
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    Believe it or not, there used to be £0.07 in this...
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    How do you feel now?
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    @jota worse lol, still no money 😵😱😒😭😭
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    @azous dude I sold most of my btc when they were at 200usd
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