one of my guys decided to start learning c++ for the fun and fuck of it. We do not use c++ for shit (we web developers in this bitch) and he asked me if in the event of him getting completely fucking stuck he could come to me for guidance, I said sure. I do use c++ for personal game projects....it is mostly very bad C until I need c++, it is horrible seriously, I ain't no expert.

He decides to go with the LLVM. Creates a simple hello world app. Runs clang++ main.cpp -o main.


Done, the CLI returns the prompt back to him. He comes and asks me wtf is going on. I check on my machine(Linux based) and do the exact same thing. Executable comes out.

I check back on his windows machine, try typing the same shit. Nada. It does not throw errors or warnings, and the syntax is fucking fine, can't really fuck up c-outing hello fucking world. FUCKING NADA

I couldn't sit down to troubleshoot since it was still working hours, but this shit is haunting me and I am going ballsack crazy knowing that I won't be able to jump at it until tomorrow.

This just makes me dislike c++, i usually never have issues like that, but then again, I use the microsoft compiler (bitch at me all you want, most game developer tutorials etc use that shit, so does the Cherno, its all i know OK????)

I am going to go crazy sdjkfhasdkjlfghlajkhrfvluidefjbhfksjadhjksdsdsjksdjkl

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    Probably some issue with the Clang installation and Windows search paths not set up correctly.
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    If you want your command prompt to not close automatically, an easy fix is to use std::cin. Here's a basic hello world example

    #include <iostream>

    int main()


    std::cout << "Hello World" << std::endl;

    cin.get(); // press enter to exit program basically

    return 0; // Some people don't find it necessary to add a return here.


    And yeah, C++ game dev (specially if it's in Unreal) is... how should I put it. Pig C++. Barely anything you'd expect in modern c++ is used. OpenGL's glfw and raylib are both C libraries, so same thing applies.
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    I dont judge you for using Microsoft tools for C++ programming

    The C++ debugger in visual studio is pretty nice
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    @Fast-Nop I thought so too, but the path is properly added to the environmental variable paths. Not only that, but check this out:

    IF you make an error on the file, say, miss a semicolon, and you compile the program....IT THROWS A COMPILER ERROR but if everything is fine nothing
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    @nitnip I was not talking about that tho :P
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    @LotsOfCaffeine those really are nice. As an IDE, I have not found one that comes even close to how nice Visual Studio is for C++
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    @AleCx04 You don't want tons of pointless compiler messages when compiling large projects because that would hide the actually useful compiler warnings. So, if there is nothing to say, the compiler should just generate the target.
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    @Fast-Nop exactly, yet, it is not, even specifying the output, we get nothing. I saw his computer again today and asked him how he installed it, told him to remove it and reinstall it.

    He got it straight from the LLVM website. Saw no problem, but for whatever reason, same thing, no output. I did some quick searches, i see nothing online.

    My solution: Told him to just use Rust instead. Just kidding, told him to uninstall that and use the mingw llvm-gcc compilers (what I use)

    Shit works now. Just do not know why the other issue was there to begin with.
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    @AleCx04 Last time I used LLVM under Windows, I went with this one, and that worked: https://github.com/mstorsjo/...
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    @Fast-Nop same one that i use. I still find it odd that downloading clang straight from the source is not working now.

    Worst part? try looking for "clang not generating executables" on the internet. You will not find shit
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    @AleCx04 I didn't even see Windows downloads on the LLVM homepage or Github at all. Then again, that third party bundle did generate a proper Windows executable when I tried it.
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