I am learning NestJS + MongoDB stack after spending 5+ years as a Laravel + MySQL dev.

Wish me luck or give me advice. Thanks in advance!

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    Good luck!
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    MongoDB should not be used as main default database :
    Relational db is having better general quality result
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    @darkwind what does "main default database" mean?
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    @Lasoloz *in this context
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    I opened this thread thinking I'd make a lighthearted joke about "MongoDB is horrible, use PostgreSQL...kidding"

    only to find a similar post had already been written :D
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    @Lasoloz https://youtu.be/HaEPXoXVf2k

    NoSQL db structure is really rigid. Unless you are doing something really trivial or you are absolutely certain db schema does not change much, NoSQL query/update/performance will be huge pain
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    @h3rp1d3v for sure.

    I would use SQL in 95% of the time, but there is always a little possibility for usecases when I would default to NoSQL.
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    From my understanding, noSQL stores data in JSON like format, isn't it? Good lucking changing all data when app specification changes.
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    @daniel-wu There are many nosql database types. But usually people assume document and key value type dB as no SQL, and yeah document dB and key value DBs at least are usually JSON :|
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    Whole Node.js ecosystem is just meh. Unless you want to do sockets, just use Socket.io... otherwise Laravel fulfills most of the web application use cases.
    JavaScript everywhere concept is an abomination.
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