Today, I randomly remembered a guy who was doing an internship at my college's tech lab. From what I gathered (I wasn't really part of that group) all they had to do was familiarize themselves with one of the many systems available and... I suppose maintain it or improve it.
.... Poor guy spent the first 2 to 3 weeks just trying to get Ruby on Rails to work. The work he was doing was not (and would never be) critical so there was not much of a sense of urgency.
Someone should have told him to use a fresh VM. Guy was trying to get it to work in his private laptop running windows. A doomed endeavor.

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    Is it hard to run it on windows ? Forgive me I haven't tried it before
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    @iArrow IIRC you have to use a linux vm or wsl. It doesn't run on windows.
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    ruby and its gems have (or had, I don't really know if it's changed since I last used it) a very bad habit of fucking up the path. Windows also needed an extra dependency that didn't work on linux (at least with Rails 4)
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