I sent an email to a client asking for values in the database only they can access so I can finish an application and test it.... they reply asking for a new feature on the application and completely ignore my request for said values. then another person CCed on the email replies and agrees with the feature request and we should do xyz. still no values from him either. wtfff?

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    Haha. It's annoying that Devs seem to be the only people who can properly respond to two part emails. Or respond to all queries lol
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    the worst part is it was two devs who answered the email. one is a Windows app programmer, one is a python and script kind of dev. both have bachelor degrees from college, yet are unable to read an email.
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    That's pretty bad haha.
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    We either call that v2 or scope creep. Which will it be Mr Client?
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    hah yeah my reply was "I'll track time on that and send over with the final build. I still need the credentials I asked for to test though....". I included the dots so they knew I was like wtf. kind of dickish but I'm over this client.
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    Numbered lists in emails are absolutely essential for things like this. Makes it easier for the client/product manager/support person to understand what you are asking them to do, and gives them a good format to respond with.
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