how does it feel to reject a company when :

- its in your own hometown and offering remote work (whereas your current company is in a different ,v expensive city and is asking for relocation)

- its offerring a 60% hike on your current salary (whereas your current company is asking to relocate therefore a 40-50% cut in savings)

- is a major mnc with blasting profits and known for never making layoffs (whereas your current company is not even a unicorn)

i just wanted a 70% hije instead of 60 coz i have heard of work stagnation, government job like culture and poor appraisals in this org. however my current company, even though not being a unicorn has shown to offer great salaries ( to sr employees though) so kinda hopeful there too.

but yeah, feeling like a shit who missed opportunity to get bought in gold

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    Is it too late?
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    @spongessuck nope just rejected the company 2 hours ago. why?
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    Why not reply saying you reconsidered?
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    Realizing that one was too greedy always hurts.
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    @spongessuck its not a matter of what i can or cannot do. they are not able to give me the hike that i expected . i am not losing by staying in the current company too (apart from other city expenses)
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    (ps : the actual hike in terms of ctc fixed component was 30% , fixed+bonus was at max 60% and just the inhand was 3%)
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    @dotenvironment this isn’t a financial decision, you don’t want to go back to your hometown
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    @jeeper you are kinda right. i feel myself to be too much socially dependent on mg parents and friends and unable to live independently ( I don't even know how to ride a 2 wheeler) , so this might be a chance to learn to live like a man.

    i have a shitty home environment, but I don't really despise it
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