So before I resign from my job tomorrow I thought I'd talk a little about a couple of things at work that I won't ever tell my boss in person but are generally some of the reasons I want to leave.

---------- warning long rant ----------

1. The CEO of the company finds out I only have my learner's and take the bus, goes on to belittle me about taking the bus.

(It may have been meant as a joke but I was offended, and we don't have any actual HR to complain to)

First off my real reason for not getting my restricted is mostly related to the fact public transportation does the job it needs to, I don't really complain unless the planning is fucked up (Adele concert rant lol) but typically I don't need a car. The other reason is because with a car I'd have to wait in traffic 1-2 hour each way. Also cars cost money which I don't have.

2. CEO buys himself and general manager brand new Range Rovers, you know those giant monstrosities box jeep looking things.

I hate this because I earn $31k, those things probably cost around $50 each (so typically 3 years worth of my wages).

When I had a talk about my contract at the 6 month mark, the general manager (my boss) said he wouldn't budge on my salary (yet they buy these jeeps)

3. I live way too far from work and because of it being Auckland and the current inflation for house prices, the rent prices have also increase, I wouldn't be able to get a house closer to home nor rent with minimum wage :(

4. Though it's not too necessary they mask that the app was made by me, whenever I see an email about the app to potential clients they refer to be as this app guy, and during their presentations they don't really include as part of the reason this app has been developed ( aside from my boss being the client, I came up with some interesting ideas to turn their paper form of the process they use into a digital one, I also did research for the specific topics, something I could have just asked for instead).

5. Old fashioned way of looking at so called "IT", they added fixing computers to my contract which I dread, especially since I'll be close to a deadline and then I get a call to fix someone's computer...

6. They don't seem to want to expand their "development team" to more than one person.

When I give my resignation I have to stay here for a month and I bet people will start to act differently around me, my likely my boss and the CEO. I think the other people that work will understand, given my situation.

I'm planning to for the last month to only do planning for the app they want me to work on, UML diagrams, use cases, Sprint planning (albiet, only developer here lol). Research on the third party libraries we need for the app and generally give the next guy the easiest path to getting the app done.

I want to do this because the Android and iOS app we're done via cowboy programming in a sense. (I don't have too much in terms of documentation and planning aside from a Microsoft planning website setup with to-do of which features are done for the iOS and paper Todo for the Android app.

Alright long rant over, I've got it all written down, glad I'll be leaving this place.

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    You gotta believe that great things await you!
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    @Re-cursing thanks I really do hope so, originally I planned to leave when I found myself a job but I've had little luck in that department :/

    So I'm taking some time off to for one thing get my driver's license (not because the CEO said so lol) and work on my VR game, work on some small projects to get my portfolio started and if it comes to it go back to uni and do my masters in game design/programming.

    Thing about New Zealand, is they have this odd student loan situation, where they pay up to bachelor's and expect you to be able to pay for it afterwards (masters and beyond). I guess it's better than some countries but it's really a half/half scenario :/
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    Holy fuck. Get out of there man and good luck in the future! Keep us updated!
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    @linuxxx thanks! I'll definitely keep you guys updated, eventually I plan to post about that vr game I keep mentioning, it's just still in progress.

    I'll post some gameplay footage of some of the basic features once I do some bug fixes :D

    I really love how awesome this community is, really supportive of fellow devs, I hope to anyone worse off then me somehow gets themselves in a better situation/gets a step closer to achieving their dream goal!
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    Good luck , move on and restore your sanity. Don't work for tossers. You will find your feet but first get on the right road. Read 'the alchemist' by Paulo Coelho.
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    @helloworld thanks! I'll definitely look that up, I only got this job because after six months of job searching I was getting desperate for work lol, but I think it's best to move on, I'm still living with my parents and they support me in my choice to leave (which I'm grateful for), actually it was my mum's idea to go back to do my master's if I couldn't get a job lol
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    Sounds toxic as hell. You really don't want to be in such a short minded company anymore. Good luck!
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    @helloworld wow reading a blurb about this book reminds me of the main story of this anime bakuman, where the two main characters basically sacrifice all their time to become manga artists, I'm definitely going to give a read now, since bakuman is my all time favorite anime/manga
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    @marciodsousa yup, they are old school in their thoughts on technology, but the biggest competition in their field in New Zealand (don't want to give too much detail on the company, I'll probably do that after I quit and a couple years down the line lol), despite being a developer I get no benefits for my role (for instance a MacBook, iPhone or Android phone for development at least), I've had to use my own resources (fortunate enough to get an OnePlus 3 phone for my birthday last year and have an iPhone 5 for the last couple years)

    Though they did give me an iMac to use (it was old and no one was using it) and for the first month they didn't give me a desk (I was working on a round table on the corner of the room :/)

    I'd say yup it's toxic alright lol

    Funny thing is they got screwed over before from a development company and I can see why, they winged it and didn't do any planning into what company to hire to make their app.
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    @g-m-f well I don't really think they will for one lol, though if they do I don't think I'll take it, though if I do it'd have to be something incredibly good lol

    Personally though I'd rather have some more time to work on my game and it's not even possible with how far I live/time spent to get to work unless it's something like they'll give me a house closer to work lol (I doubt it, but CEO is apparently a multimillionaire)

    Money can get me closer to my goal sure, but if it means shorter deadlines, extra hours at work to accomplish those deadlines and less time to work on my game, then I think it's out of the question

    In saying that my boss did ask me what I wanted to do in life and I did say I want to make a game company and he understands that which is cool
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    I underwent the same problem. I've to handle both Android and iPhone app development. They won't hire additional person. Meanwhile they won't increment my salary.(they've not incremented for nearly one and half years. Every now and them boss promised that he is going to increase the salary but not even once!!!) . Finally, I lost my patience and I resigned my job. 22 June will be my last day in my office. Leaving India and flying to Malaysia since I got job over there.
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    @Hardy nice! Good job, I don't think I'll be so lucky in the job department lol but having a little free time for myself will be good.

    Still though that's awesome! All the best for your new job and new home!
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    Thank you sir. Wishing you all the very best. I appreciate your wise decision.
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    Good luck! Life is way to short to waste your time working for oppressive companies!
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    @matsaki95 lol I earn the least amount, one of the admin roles was advertised and they sent and email with the info on the role and yup earning $19 an hour (I earn $15.75), I get it they are in charge of a bunch of things. But I'm in charge of this app that they are using in management training courses, I've also gotten my brother to do some of the artwork, for free I might add, and they don't bat an eye.

    I have a student loan to pay off, having minimum wage will take me 500 years LOL ($900 yearly for a total of $50,000)

    Also pretty sure everyone has coushy wages, that and the fact their in their late 40's 50's and 60's except a couple lab people, myself and a friend (who got me the job).

    But regardless I'm at the lowest end of the totem pole, I could earn more working at a supermarket and not spend too much on petrol getting to/from home.

    I seriously did not go to university for this shit :/

    Also might be the range Rover sport, not sure though they all look the same lol
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    Wow my math is off lol 50 years*
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    Wow man..... I feel for you. How the HELL are they only paying you 30K as a developer?! I'm in Auckland too and drive quite far to work but flexi hours makes it waaaay easier. There's good companies out there mate. I love working where I do. Keep looking and good luck!!
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    @Metalor hey an aucklander!

    Yeah it sucks I was meant to stay for 6 month but stayed until I finished the app, (I was learning on the job, took awhile being alone lol), really just stayed for the experience. But yeah it's become stale, I'm no longer learning anything and would like at least a mentor.

    I'm still looking for jobs but I just keep getting turned down or no response at all :/

    I won't give up, still have a month and if not the break will do me some good, I'm planning to do my master's (oh right said that already lol) it starts next year so yeah.

    Oh well the break is needed family has high blood pressure as genetics, I've been stressed lately (play overwatch to help, and also work on my game) hopefully my BP isn't too high :/
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    So walked past the Jeep and it is indeed a range rover, and considering the CEO's taste it's a brand new 2017 model, so it's right to assume that it's around $70k :/
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    Well little change in plan I'm resigning tomorrow, not today, since I have a meeting with my boss about the app, I thought I'd wrap it up in one go.

    On the job hunting side of things a friend of mine found me one and I'll interviewing on Tuesday. It's customer support but pays a lot better than minimum wage + closer to home :D

    Gotta study SQL since they have a test on it
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    @g-m-f Well I'm a day late lol but I handed in my resignation after finally getting the meeting about the apps, my boss was understanding when I said things like "if I'm stuck on a problem I don't have anyone to talk to".

    And that I want somewhere where I can be mentored into a better developer.

    With that said the CEO isn't in nor has he heard of it yet, my boss is understanding but the CEO belittling me for taking public transportation means that he'll probably do some sort of show about me leaving.

    Whatever it's done, I have question for your guys in terms of documentation was is sufficient enough to leave behind for the next developer? The repo has an updated readme, the code (that I've done) is all commented and javadoc'd as much as it possibly can be. I didn't have much documentation to start with so I just sorta went with it, and now I want to make sure I leave behind the right stuff.
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    @g-m-f thanks yeah I'll just do some java doc html generation, I mean when I had to start on the app I had nothing lol, but I'd rather help out the next guy, because he would mostly have been con'd into this role lol
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    So my friend who is also applying for the customer service role told me it pays $40 - $45 an hour!

    Holy crap that is x3 my current salary LOL

    I'm gonna study all weekend for the job interview on Tuesday, SQL is going to be my best friend lol
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    @g-m-f When you recognize someone by their avatar 😊
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    @g-m-f I truly wear it every day and it looks exactly like in my avatar :)
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    @g-m-f not right now but I'm sure I can setup something when I get home, I remember using Heidi SQL for something back at uni and setting some free website where it had to do some sort of database handling for a paper selection process I can probably look that up, oh and when I was making a game I decided to use a database as the saving system which was pretty cool lol, god I miss that horrible game that I made, was so fun to work on.

    Anyways I'll be trying my best to refresh my SQL knowledge, doesn't sound like they ask anything too technical lol

    Lol you guys having your random conversation in my rant, devrant is awesome

    @linuxxx wearing a jacket is pretty cool, I wear a blazer everyday, the only real reason is the pockets inside the jacket for my phone, not much of a fan of putting stuff in my pants pocket, not really sure why
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    That's great. Do well... All the very best for your success... For your information most developers in India are paid only 10-15 dollars per day (Yes per day) .... Horrible it managers...
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    @Hardy thanks, all the best for you too, and $15 a day sounds pretty rough, for what I get I have around $100 left over and that's after paying taxes, board to my parents (mostly just to help out), and $75 for the weekly commuting.

    Oh and coffee can't forget coffee.
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    @g-m-f hah I used azure before, there was a project I was working to use AR to show tweets and Instagram posts in various locations lol exactly like Pokemon go but not as fun
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    Stories like this tell me it's okay to leave somewhere just because it doesn't feel right, and that's an important reminder for me. Thanks for posting!
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    Yeah don't delay... They will claim that they value individuals but they only value lots of billable hours.
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    Definitely I stayed for the experience, but I'm going, hah so the CEO hasn't said anything to me, I'm sure he knows, kinda odd that he hasn't. Oh and my boss asked me if I knew anyone that would fill the role, hahaha no one I know wants to be a developer for minimum wage!
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    Haha same here... They were asking me the same question but no would work in a company like the one that I'm into. It's actually a small home where 8-9 developers are working. They don't even have provision for inverter. If the current supply is off, we developers has to sweat and code as long as we have charge in our laptops. No one will love such an environment.
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    @Hardy I hate how management and the people that own companies expect people to work like that! I mean for me the office is nice just I have a guy on the phone opposite me so he's loud but your situation is much worse :/
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    There are developers who are in worse situation than me. Especially there are guys in my company who shakes the head in acceptance to whatever the management might say. No matter what, these guys will accept all that management says just because they want to please the management. Management on the other hand are acting as if they are paying us enough. Meanwhile I act as if I'm working lol. I only work as per the size of their pay... Most of the time, I will do my personal projects or I'll watch YouTube... Haha
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    @Hardy ah okay well for me I've been stuck in waiting mode since I was done with the apps, the only thing I was waiting for was privacy policy and terms of use stuff which took months! So honestly could have been done months ago :/
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    Awwww man BugsBuggy is sad because his new friend is sad.
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    @BugsBuggy don't worry already handed my resignation in so won't be long till I'm out of here
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    @f03n1x Ohh good then
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    Sounds like a nightmare. Good thing you are leaving.

    Fyi: Range Rovers a really expensive. If you want to be even more angry at your idiot boss and ceo, look up the price.
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    @juniordev oh I did, I was pissed but hah he can have fun hiring an idiot that wants to work for minimum wage which I'll doubt anyone will take the job, I worked so hard to get the app released to how it is now fixing hard coded values the idiots before me left, tried my best to not do the same.

    I believe it was around 70k upwards and he bought one for himself and the general manager.

    Oh and top it off the scientist that's working with us is also leaving and the CEO is getting the new one a place to stay, a car and basically going to pay him for his PhD, I don't have a PhD but I'd assume my bachelor's degree is worth more than $15.75 an hour :/
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    People who hard work are so eften greatly underappreciated.

    Hard coded values are like one of the first things you are taught not to do, even in simple examples there will always be some statement saying don't ever do this. Bad programmer is a bad programmer.

    I've been passively looking at dev jobs while still finishing my degree. Saw an add that was offering less than the minimum wage requirement . I was like wtf?! That's not real. No one will take that job.
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    @juniordev yup and this guy who made the app before me did both the iOS an Android apps, both disasters he also created the backend for the login server (it's mostly creating accounts, that you use to login on the app, nothing special stored on it) and that it's also a disaster.

    He's a senior developer, and still uses hard coded values, I only ever do so for some tiny, never anything production ready.

    He now works for a bank making software for them, I feel really sorry for them having to deal with his poor standards.

    I just don't get how he hasn't been fired faster, unless his bosses don't care about any sort of foundation or stability.

    Oh and speaking of jobs I've seen some horrible ads, the last one I looked at wanted a graduate with 1 - 2 years experience and in New Zealand and degree doesn't include any type of intern position so it's essentially a we want someone from overseas. I actually posted the worse I've seen as rants you should have a look, one had a typo for Android lol.
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    Oh my, he works for a bank now. Makes you wonder if he hardcodes values for account balances :p

    Applicant requires a minimum 3 years experience with Laravel 8 framework and C# 9/ASP.NET 7.3 and also possess a current commecial plane licence. We know these aren't related and won't be obtainable for years but you need them.

    I will definitely check out your profile for those rants. @f03n1x
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    @juniordev from what I remember the guy does security stuff for the bank, which reminds me to never deal with that bank ever lol that guy has the worse possible coding standards I've ever seen.

    Well it's done I'm out finally, I can get back to working on my games and hopefully producing something worthwhile, also planning to do a website so I'll have to learn some web development.

    My now exboss asked me for my contact details lol and sure I wouldn't mind working on the app but glad he said from home because no way am I going in. But if they do ask me it's definitely going to be a much steeper price then what they were paying me.
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    Oh yeah, you learn something like that and you gotta stay away from that business.

    Web development is pretty fun. I've worked mainly with PHP but now that I have started learning C# and ASP.Net I am finding it really hard to want to go back to PHP... that and learning about all the code awkwaeness within in.

    I've written most of my current assignment in C# with very few errors. With PHP I would have spent half the time debugging.

    I am really loving C# 😄
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    @juniordev well for me going from 3 years of java experience at University to c# in my spare time for Unity, I have to say c# is definitely an easy language to get into. Though aside from the slight differences in syntax I don't actually know much about c# in itself, I'll have to learn it eventually, especially if I want to make this game more robust.

    Oh and I fixed the bug for the app however there are some issues that could be resolved but it would take more than a couple hours, probably a week at most, so if they want me to do so, they can gladly pay me $25 for 40 hours and I'll gladly work and get it all sorted.

    Though I'd rather not work on their app anymore, I need to work on my games so I can demo them at the next game development meetup.
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    That's right. You don't really want to invest time in something you are trying to get away from. Even if it's 1 hour, that is 1 hour you can spend on your game. You will never have more time than you have right now.

    How long do you have before your meet up?
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    @juniordev it's every first Wednesday of the month, so a bit late for this month but giving myself a full month to work on the Android game I'm sure it'll be at a good enough demo phase to show off.

    I'm going to plan out what I want for the next few weeks and see if I can prod my brother into doing more of the art so it doesn't look like utter crap lol

    Oh and definitely their app is in my eyes officially done, they can hire me again to work as a contractor but I'll only work from home and set my own price. Otherwise they can find someone else.
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    1 month seems like a solid amount of time. Maybe crappy animation could be a stylistic choice for a game 😄 People might actually like that.

    Say only yes if theu agree to pay you... one million dollars! 😎
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