I want to rant here but I have a lot of backlog. They’re all pretty deep for refinement. So I want to put them all in one sprint. Because I don’t want a marathon of ranting.
But I do realise in IT sprints never end, and eventually turn out to be a marathon of sprints. I came to a point to deliver over 100 story points in one sprint. Maybe I shall write a book instead of exploding this app.
I could have never imagined the dark side of this occupation.
However I love coding so much I’ll brush the backlog under the carpet­čśĆ

But you know there are always saviour heros wanted for refactoring. This honour goes to:

The arrogant guys who think they’re a genius when their code compiles.
The insecure guys who want to overpower the next available when their code doesn’t compile.
The egoists who like to underestimate and show of, where their faulty biased googles display a little girl instead of a developer.
The aggressives when they are invited to the reality and kindly offered to sit back on their place.

I hope this rant wouldn’t ouch anyone. If it does, not sorry, the message is delivered.

If there’s an offence or reaction to this refactoring job, the 4th one would be offered to clean the mess.

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    A 100 point sprint?

    Either your team is fluffing or your pointing needs to be evaluated.

    Typically it's 1point = 1day, but I have seen 8points = 1day.

    If it's the latter I can totally believe that.

    Sounds like you're being taken advantage of. If you're giving 100+ hours of effort you better be getting 100+ hours of pay.
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    @sariel no it’s my ranting that has 100 story points.

    Well I can’t say what you mentioned didn’t happen either tho!
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