I didn't know "bandwidth" can be so hard to understand even after 2 hrs explaining..client still wants widgets with autoplay videos..God why?

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    Ugh. Dislike autoplay so much. Especially when there are no pause/stop buttons included.
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    I had a similar situation once, they just couldn't understand bandwidth until I told them to think of it like a drain pipe the thinner it is the less water can get through and all the water that's backing up at the entrance to the pipe is what makes getting all your data from one end to the other slow, then told them to consider the fact that they are not the only ones trying to push things down the drain pipe, the more water the slower the process. Video is one of the worst offenders because frames get dropped.

    They eventually understood ..... Thank god 😋
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    Just tell them that 90% of people that see an auto play video will leave the page within a minute. completely made up statistic, but it generally works
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    I am not waiting a minute. I am out of there in seconds. They think more is better.
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