A few years back, I was a newly hired developer visiting the corporate HQ in NYC. We went to lunch, where the execs ordered a round of drinks.

I commented that drinking during the work day was an odd practice in my experience. The CEO jokingly explained how it made going home to his wife at the end of the day easier (or something to that effect). “You know what I mean?”

To which I reply (with no hint of irony): “No… My life loves me.”


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    I wouldn't know elsewhere, but I used to have a beer at lunch every day at the office, and nobody would bat an eye.

    I guess as long as you don't get wasted, impede yourself or others it's fine.

    We all gotta chase that Ballmer peak anyway!
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    In some countries people carry a gun all the time, drink whiskey at noon and fight against literal tumble weeds when not at your actual job.

    And NYC in general is hard to bear without a drink anyways...
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    Didn’t notice until 2hrs later. Doh!
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    Shortest working experience ever? ='D
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    @scor Actually yes, but for completely unrelated reasons. 👍🏻
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    @TheOracle Are you sure? 😛
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    @Oktokolo Since I quit, I’d say I’m pretty sure. 😆
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    @TheOracle The preemptive quit - a timeless classic.
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