Bought great book from this Spanish company on Drupal. The book is well structured and the examples are excellent. Just some typos that they mistranslate from Spanish.

But thought it was weird that the code examples were not available online. Sent them an email to request for them.

They answered that the code is not online beacuse their students have to remake the code using the book in their courses. And ask them if I was interested in the course.

Fuck them! They are using opensource code but their examples are not open source because of some elementary-level school mentality that their students might copy the code and somehow not learn well.

They are fucking adults ffs!

Ps: Even though their answer piss me off, they still have the best book I've read on Drupal.

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    What are the chances that their code is written in Spanish
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    @electrineer hmm don't mind if it's like that since I speak spanish.

    It is the first time I find a coding book where the code is not available. Or at least some code samples.
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