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    What does demo do?
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    +asgs Builds a firewall...
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    "Locally brewed image" Hahahahah!
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    Every remote image is now a picture of Trump?!?
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    Maybe devRant include it 😂
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    @gitpush would save @dfox a lot of bandwidth and storage and money.

    Every image we upload doesn't need to be actually uploaded.

    The Trump image just put it as an app resource.

    Guess don't need Trump.js tho...

    Maybe this will be next year's April Fool's joke...
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    Damn I'd love to see users face when they upload their "amazing" meme and end up seeing Trump's image instead 😂
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    @gitpush they would look like Trump
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    @jAsE I see you're at it again. Does it get boring deleting ur account every time?

    Or perhaps u register with a different email and get stickers every time?
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    @billgates didn't he say goodbye devRant a week ago? 🤔
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    @gitpush he's like a phoenix I think... Or leaking state secrets which he needs to purge before someone catches him 🤔
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    Make Mexico pay for the bandwidth
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    @jAsE sorry, didn't mean it like that. Just wondering why.
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    @jAsE ah didn't realize it would be that deep. You should maybe get some help, see a psych? It's sorta their job to listen to you and not abuse you.

    I've actually had similar situations myself, ups and downs, caused by health issues, stress. Nowadays I just do what I want as much as I can. Careerwise it's pretty shitty but not too bad I guess... I make enough to cover the bills although the (unpaid) overtime is getting longer and well still gotta deal with monkeys...

    But yea most of the time I just try to make the most of what I can NOW... Yes I have some future investments but don't really have a 5, 10yr plan...
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    Just saw you're self employed. That sorta hard I guess, I would never be able to do it. My medical bills without insurance hit like $200k a year... More if I need a surgery...
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    @jAsE I can't believe I'm not alone with these type of thoughts. carry on, brother.
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    @billgates @nikolatesla @jAsE
    I feel pretty bad about worrying too much about unimportant things while you have that kind of shit to deal with

    I wish you all best of luck and that your health and lifestyle imporves
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    @jAsE I just realized actually we're talking about this stuff on a different rant then I thought 😅 Thought this was my own about WFH (sorry @nikolatesla)

    45C is really hot... I would think it's usually advised no one goes out in the temp.

    Honestly though the psychs I've seen are more just having someone to talk to. I guess sort of like rubber duck debugging 😀

    Maybe that should be a future feature of Siri, Cortana, etc...

    I've actually asked another doctor for a referral to see one but he was like:

    Dr: are you depressed?
    Me: hm... Not really, just want to talk to someone to help figure out what I actually want, should do
    Dr: you don't need to see one then
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    @aile11 yea that's what I tell one of my friends a lot when he complain to me about everything...

    "Seriously?!!! Ur telling me that you are depressed bc u can't find a gf bc your afraid to approach girls?

    Just grow a backbone... And stop spending all your time at home in front of a PC being a gaming monkey"
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    @billgates I cut down on gaming a fuck ton but still can't get anything done, I think I basically get distracted by anything...
    But yeah, there's a lot of other stuff one could be worried about
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    @aile11 motivation and focus I guess. Maybe try headphones... Tho for me music was always a distraction. I need silence to focus.
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    @billgates helping a bit, but not too much, I guess it's pc in general, I need to learn not to waste too much time on certain things and for stuff that takes time limit said time, also don't go wander around reading random irrelevant stuffs on the Web

    Easier said, than done, for some reason especially for me

    I don't wanna go on about it too much though, I guess you guys have bigger problems that I wish you all the best to overcome them
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    @aile11 yea. I agree. Going around reading random stuff on the Web can you lead you quickly down a path of great or a bad mood swing that lasts for weeks.

    I find it helpful to remember that the smarter you are, the more fucked up you're brain really can be at times. Channeling that intellect into something productive is really a cool way to deal with it.

    Although at the same time, you should keep it real and not get too attached to projects that are not working. What you do, and who you are, are two separate things.
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    @jAsE I know exactly what you mean

    Also was doing basic install of antergos (Linux) today on my working pc
    (since the windows 10 update they wanted to do has been canceled)
    It went great, until I tried installing Firefox developer edition, it say missing gpg key, even though it's up to date and I even manually added the key...
    Been at it for 2 days now...
    (Why don't I just use normal Firefox? Because tiny reasons, multiprocessing, few dev-tools I probably won't really use and... A beautiful blue logo)

    My laptop just installed it no problemo btw
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    @jAsE hang in there. Hold yourself to a higher standard. Like maybe you did when you were 23 :) Don't let other people's opinions about anything about you change that. You know who you are.
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    @burmesepornstar I recently thought about how fucked up my brain is at times... So im just smart? ;D

    Gotta get a hold of my time usage though
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    @aile11 yes prioritization helps although mines tend to look similar

    1. Stuff that needs to be done now
    2. Daily Anime episode
    3. Blogging, personal projects, all the other shows, email news letters, stuff I should probably do
    4. New games, this may temporarily move to #1 for a few days
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    @aile11 how fucked up your brain is, is directly proportional to the number of thoughts floating around in your head. Get enough of thoughts together in a pool, and you're bound to find some contradictions. That's when a 'fucked up' spark starts.

    I can't think of anything other than intellect or different life experiences that can be responsible for the number and variety of thoughts you have.
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    @billgates I'm using Todoist, it helps a lot organising tasks and such, i should just work on that stuff mostly

    Sadly the Todo list in my head looks something like yours, and it somehow gains priority over my actual Todo list...
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    @burmesepornstar well, I have the occasional spark of an insane thought, it doesn't affect me in any way, mentally or otherwise, but still
    Maybe cause of somebody I knew, who used to say some funked up shit sometimes, and I imaging pretty much everything I hear

    Maybe just my imagination running wild sometimes

    My Question is: is it better to only think about the stuff you need to? I imagine so, but I can't do it
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    @aile11 yes I tried that, I just use Keep, create a checklist but at the end of the day, they never get all checked.

    The problem is #3, basically Everything Else.

    I don't game much but when I do once in a while, those mobile games are time sucks...
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    @billgates I know, I started uninstalling games and stopped watching as much YouTube videos as I was previously, but I still somehow manage to not do the thing I should do

    I'm so bad at this
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    @aile11 oh yes forgot to mention exercise... I don't do that much, treadmills, biking...

    I guess that's #5. I have a dilemma,

    Am I more screwed because I don't exercise or does excersing not really matter since I'm screwed anyway?

    Health is not a good motivation for exercising but walking around NYC too attend events is.

    Last Sunday I walked 5mi because I needed to get to different places during the day
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    @billgates I don't do any exercise, we'll, a few pull ups a day, but that's it, i don't really eat sweets, so I guess it's fine for now

    Tried running a few weeks ago, my legs started to hurt after 4 days of running 2 rounds around the house per day, I know it would get better and all, but I just wasn't motivated enough to keep it up

    But don't think you're screwed, I'm sure you can fix it somehow, even if it takes a lot of work or help from others, just don't get lost in negative thoughts
    If you think you need the exercise then start slow, otherwise maybe just keep doing just a bit for good measure
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