This is sooo true

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    If I ask for help online... regardless of venue, I get ignored. Probably because most guys don't think female devs exist 😞😧

    Either that or because the issues are actually quite difficult and people are really lazy!
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    Maybe both
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    @girl1101 Are you literally the only person in the course?
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    @girl1101 And I thought it was strange to have a course with 8 people (which actually got removed because of low numbers).. How come there isn't anyone else in your course?
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    @girl1101 That's kind of sad that no one else is interested in cs
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    Haha good strategy, girls are known to reward the troubleshooter standing closest to them with a night of passionate lovemaking. Right?

    Nope, I'll help you if your problem can't be solved using Google. I don't care what you look like. If I think someone is interesting/attractive, Friday evening drinks sounds like a better date than Tuesday morning bugfixing.
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