Fuck you aws.
I forgot to stop extra ec2 and you changed 500 bucks.
Although it is my fault, still aws didn't notify me even after i had set up budget.
Fucking jeff bezos

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    @mohammed i commented there also. Fucking jeff bezos
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    @treeroot I know, you should have used a virtual card like entropay.com. They are the biggest scam ever.
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    @busuu Are you signing up for the free trial? They don't warn you about the extra costs and at the end of the month they will charge you the extra money.
    So you better use a virtual card like entropay.com to sign up for the free trial to be on the safe side.
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    @busuu when using any kind of aws service first read about pricing, and how much do you get for free tier.
    They never warn you about cost.
    Fyi: you only get 750 hours of ec2. So don't spin two ec2. And never spin two ec2 for a month.
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    @busuu the free trial is tricky. Only certain things are free.

    And of the things that are free, you are limited to how many of them you can have.

    Read everything and be careful.
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    I had the free trial as a student for a project. Had to leave it on while the project was being marked and forgot about it. Got charged at the end of the month, it was only like 5 bucks but still.
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    Fuck you again aws. I stopped ec2 and you change for the elastic IP which i am not using. How the fuck I was supposed to know.
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