How to eat for free at McDonald's:

- eat at McDonald's
- poop all the garbage you ate during work hours
- you successfully had a free meal at McDonald's

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    Fun thought but that is not how economics work. Even if you get income for doing nothing that does not make expenses zero. Just shitting at work is also not what you are payed for. Basic human needs and happiness is part of the deal to make you perform unless you work in an Amazon warehouse.

    So hate to disappoint you but you can't poop a BMW over the years either.
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    @hjk101 I was just joking, btw I own a BMW, I pooped enough
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    @theKarlisK *IN* too
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    The cycle is faster and more likely to occur at work if you eat Taco Bell. Plus you get gas for $2.
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    Having irritable colon, or however the fuck it's called in English, I'm sure I've been paid a significant amount over my whole life for pooping 😂
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