Facebook's Reason. Would somebody please explain what this is all about?

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    Wow I haven't heard about the language OCaml as well
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    Facebook seems to be a fan of reinventing every wheel nowadays (react, graphql, ocaml, flow, flux etc.) so I've lost the track on these things.

    For once I'd like to venture out to some new to-be-mainstream tech among the first. If reason is useful I might as well. But first I wanna understand what the hell this is about 😧
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    @vertti same cause here
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    @vertti I have been saying this from the start, nice to see i am not the only one being vocal about it.

    I suspect they are trying to replace everything to gain a monopoly on open source.
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    Can someone roughly describe what reason is?
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    @sam9669 yes.. We're just thinking what's the use/purpose of this language? To replace Javascript for react development? To replace Javascript on node environment? Or something else?
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    @GigaMick Why make something better when you can remake it with those changes. Why stop there and point out how much better your version is and that what you copied is now useless.

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