SO, after finishing uni I joined a startup.

"We'll cover devops stuff! Aws certifications for everyone! And later k8s!"

So I'm here, learning VueJS.

(Tbf, the situation is better than it seems, like being here, boss is a honest person. Still, fuck.)

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    xD I worked on backend and infra... And Vue.js too in my startup. Hard recommendation to get SCSS with it, makes stuff more enjoyable

    Well.. Vue.JS poison i chose on my own after frontend person was fired. It looked like most enjoyable solution. (It was)
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    Well, at least Vue is nice to work with. Assuming you're doing it nicely
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    Oh Vue… I’m a backend dev turned cloud engineer turned security engineer, and somehow within the last 5 years I’ve done 3 different production frontends with Vue and currently working on a proto/MVP’s front with it as well. Each time some time had passed inbetweenst projects and each time Vue had evolved a few steps into a more enjoyable dev experience. I hate frontend development, but at its present state, Vue actually makes it bearable and relatively easy.
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    I worked on a few Vue projects in the past, and I never really noticed any improvement (or any substantial difference) compared to React.
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