Hats off to this lady .... I would have just flipped the machine

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    If you need that many prime numbers, you dont want to calculate them everytime runtime or compile time; it' not like they are going to change ...
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    😮 ... Why?
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    Maybe the program needed that many prime numbers but calculating it on fly would take too long... ?
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    @Seshpenguin Exactly, I wrote something similar but not with 5000000 primes more like 100.
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    Well, it's not dumb. Although it depends on the use case. Runtime cache would probably also be an alternative
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    Primes are used to generate more primes. May be the programmer was onto something bigger.
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    I wonder how often people at GitHub browse through other people's code files..
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    @fattymiller Isn't that the point of a lot of it being open source?
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    @Kryptic i was thinking more about "private" repos, I suppose.

    I know nothing above hints that their code was private; this was just me thinking about how much trust we have given them.
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    But did she validated all the 50 million, before naming them?
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    Surely there must be a library for retrieving known primes??
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