So, I'm going to apologize before I even start this rant...lol. I am the Senior level web developer at my job and have been there for around 12 years now. I have been there at least 2 times as long as everyone else.

I also want to say that my boss is a good man and I really like my coworkers and he has helped me through a lot over those 12 years and I don't want to sound ungrateful. However, I am so fed up with my job. I think the only reason I stay is the fear of the unknown of switching jobs and that I really like the overall work environment and my coworkers.

With that being said I have been with my boss almost since the inception of the company and I am the only original employee there. I have seen the company grow from 3 employees including the secretary there. We now have like 20 employees.

I have never complained and I have showed continual growth and loyalty over those 12 years. However, like a month ago they had me post a a job position and it was for a social media position and the job required only 5 years of experience and it was within 8k of what I currently make. That made me so angry.

I am literally capable of doing everyone's job at my job including my own with ease. However, no one else at my job is capable of doing my job at all and I have a bachelors degree as well and certified in many different things as well.

Again I am the most senior person at my job period and the most senior person at the entire company. Not only am I an expert in the programming languages we use at our company, but im an expert at analytics(certified in GA4, looker studio, tag manager, etc).

Additionally, a month ago I was reached out to on linkedin by another company and was offered a job for almost 30 to 40K more than my current job is paying and better benefits than where I currently work and it was fully remote.

Should I even bother asking my boss to match this or should I just walk and go to the other company? Apparently loyalty and knowledge hold no value anymore.

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    Depends on your boss' history with proactive raises.

    My old boss always gave me raises before I could ask for it. If that is your case, it might just be out of budget to match.

    If it was always you asking for raises, do ask. You'll never know otherwise.

    Once you know, there's still a decision to make, but with clearer data.

    Maybe they won't match 100%, but can find a middle ground where you both are satisfied, since being in a workplace you like, with people you like is always a win, even at a salary downgrade, given that you make enough to cover your expenses.

    The other job is a gamble in the end. It's not uncommon to find later that your job is not that in the description, or getting routine overtime, etc.

    On the other hand, pulling the offer card usually means that if they match, it's likely your last raise ever. (In the end this depends on the level of trust you and your employer have)
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    Do not forget though, that in the end, the only power an employee has is to decide to whom they sell their time, and companies are companies, not family and not friends. They don't deserve any non reciprocal loyalty.
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    Since your boss is a good man and has helped you a lot according to you, you should have a discussion about this
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    Not because of your manager, the other workers, or the inconsiderate Job posting.

    But because you're missing out on learning opportunities. The tech stacks out there are uncountable, and you only have professional experience in one. You're losing versatility! Go get exposure, learn more things, and grow in your career
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    Employers are usually not interested in paying people what they are worth, they are only interested in keeping costs down. This reminds me of an article I read a while ago:


    Given your relationship with your boss, I think you owe it to him to give him a chance to do the right thing. He will probably say no though, saying something like there is no budget available. Or promise you a raise in the future. Or give you a minimal raise to prevent you from leaving.

    The unfortunate truth is that most employers take advantage of loyalty, instead of rewarding it.

    And if you worry about souring you relationship with your boss by demanding a raise (or threatening to leave), remember that the relationship is already soured by them not rewarding you properly.
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