Anyone else feeling like this html, css, js, vue setup pattern, vite, vue-router, pinia - etc - is a bit of. Golden moment?

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    Golden, like in Golden shower?
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    I don’t know what you mean by golden moment but I tend to disagree.
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    Don't know, I think it is just some evolution of the web.

    It happened with flash, shockwave, silverlight...

    Even GWT isn't what it used to be now.

    It is just a fase :)
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    It’s a bunch of malarkey
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    “A bit of a golden moment” just meaning that it’s a time where things are working well together - compared to more frustrating eras.

    I guess this question was really only for developers who learned jQuery, Angular 1, Rails, Ember, Vue 2, React, Svelte and now Vue 3 so they would be able to compare. The stability of the Vue ecosystem right now is feeling very mature. And even if you use React, your now using Vite too for example. So, it’s in a position to have even more community interest.

    And just that CSS grid and JS all have new features and ESM etc. - it really is a pleasure to work with.

    Great points though guys. Well said. ; )
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