I’m thankful for my team. I had an upsetting personal incident and it was affecting my ability to be present. I even missed a meeting. They are giving me the space I need and rescheduling other meetings for me. It’s hard for me to accept compassion because I haven’t experienced a lot of that when I needed it. I was very distressed at the beginning of the week, but now I’m starting to feel better and getting back to functioning.

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    Remembering that workers and teammates are also humans is something that should never get lost in translation.

    Glad that you have a team that understands that.
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    "It’s hard for me to accept compassion"

    You're not alone.

    In my experience most people who have something happen that affects work will IMAGINE that it's a big inconvenience for their co-workers and apologise way too much.

    While to most of us co-workers it's never a big deal. Everyone (in a good team) is happy to help and cover, move things around, or whatever to help someone.

    And sometimes it's not even that co-workers are putting in an effort - sometimes it's actually just legit "no problem" and that meeting you missed was irrelevant and should never even have been booked.

    Had a co-worker take 10 days after their mom died, they wrote updates assuming we missed deadlines over their absence and we could send them tasks to do while waiting for the funeral.

    And everyone was thinking "What? Forget about work and chill!" and barely noticed workload-wise that they were gone.
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